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 . Phonetics (5 points)

Directions : In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter

combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that

is different from the others in pronunciation.  Mark your answer by blackening the

corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

1. A. tough

B. enough

C. rough

D. cough

2. A. vehicle   

B. exhibition  

C. exhaust

D. enhance

3. A. Canadian

B. mission

C. million

D. billion

4. A. value

B. due   

C. clue  

D. continue

5. A. rural

B. plunge

C. rush  

D. rubbish

. Vocabulary and Structure (15 points)

Directions: There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four

choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and

blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

6. We stayed at home because Mary wasn't very         on going out in the rain.

A. keen

B. willing

C. want  

D. like

7. I cannot sleep. The dog next door is making too much noise. I wish it         quiet.

A. kept

B. would keep

C. had kept  

D. to keep

8.        a binding contract last year and it is still valid.

A. We have signed

B. We haven't signed

C. We signed

D. We had signed

9. You should visit the Empire State building         you are in New York.

A. where

B. while

C. which

D. that

10. If I         get back to London in time, I'll definitely come.

A. can  

B. could

C. would be able to  

D. will be able to

11. If motorists had to pay an extra tax to drive in cities, they         their cars a lot less.

A. use

B. will use

C. used  

D. would use

12. Whatever you do, you         click with the right mouse button or the program will crash.

A. must not

B. don't have to

C. doesn't have to

D. needn't

13. John's completely unaware how much damage he did the company,       

A. didn't he  

B. did he

C. isn't he   

D. is he

14. I'll contact my office in Chicago straight away and have the contract         through to you.

A. faxed

B. repaired   

C. done  

D. taken

15. She hardly ever goes to         the theater.

A. neither   

B. neither the cinema nor

C. either the cinema

D. the cinema or

16.        an exciting city Shanghai is!

A. So

B. Very

C. What

D. How

17. From here, we can see the bridge         construction.

A. below   

B. under

C. by   

D. with

18. His doctor suggested that he         his right hand.

A. avoid using

B. avoid to use

C. has avoided using  

D. avoids to use

19. He has never seen the Greens and he knows         about them.

A. little

B. a little

C. something

D. anything

20. It is necessary that anyone         exercises every day if he wishes to keep healthy.

A. would do

B. will do

C. did   

D. do

. Cloze (30 points)

Directions: For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C

and D.  Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

 You really have to get very old before you realize you're old. I'm in my middle fifties and I don't

feel   21   yet. However, sometimes I look back at my childhood and   22   things to the way life is for   23   kids. Some things have certainly changed.

 One area of change is   24Some changes have been improvements. Some changes, on the

other hand, have been   25

 When I started school, most people didn't have a television; TV was just beginning to get

   26My father decided to go all out and buy a 16 inch black and white Motorola   27  I still

remember watching the Lone Ranger save people from the28guys on that awesome electronic

machine. That was exciting!

 Now,   29   have larger pictures in full color. The pictures are clearer and the sound is much

more   30The new high definition sets are made to rival   31   screens.

 The variety and quantity of programming has   32   greatly. There are hundreds of channels and more shows than one person could ever watch.  There are many fine entertainment and educational  33There's also a lot of garbage stuff that most   34  don't want their kids exposed to. Overall, we have more choices, and that is good.

 I wonder what   35   will be like when today's kids are my age.

21. A. young

B. old

C. sad   

D. happy

22. A. forget

B. remember  

C. compare   

D. miss

23. A. today

B. yesterday   

C. tomorrow   

D. poor

24. A. television

B. radio   

C. computer   

D. the writer

25. A. great

B. huge  

C. setbacks   

D. remarkable

26. A. gone

B. replaced   

C. expensive  

D. popular

27. A. set  

B. machine   


D. program

28. A. old

B. good

C. bad  

D. best

29. A. films

B. movies

C. billboards  

D. televisions

30. A. alive

B. realistic

C. vivid  

D. close

31. A. movies   

B. video

C. watch

D. telephone

32. A. loss

B. increased  

C. decreased  

D. played

33. A. books

B. shows

C. authors

D. awards

34. A. people   

B. writers

C. society

D. parents

35. A. movies   

B. food

C. cars

D. television

. Reading Comprehension (60 points)

Directions: There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four

questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose

one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

 Passage One

January 3rd, 2010

Dear Mr. Timbald,

Thank you for your letter concerning the poor quality of our rubber soled black workboots. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and your crew. Along with five new pairs of workboots for your crew (we included one extra pair) , we have enclosed a free year's supply of sole protector spray. In our retail stores, this spray is always recommended to buyers who work on heated floors.  This should have been brought to your attention at the time of your initial order ( received by telephone on October 12, 2009). Please excuse our oversight.  To date we have had no complaints about these workboots from customers who have used the protector spray.  However, should you use the spray and find that you are still unsatisfied with the boots, please return the boots and spray for a full refund. Thank you for supporting The Shoe People.

Have a Happy New Year.


                              Stan Mason, President

36. How many people are on John Timbald's crew?

A. Four.

B. Five.   

C. Six.

D. Twelve.

37. What is the spray used for?

A. To protect the boots from water.   

B. To protect the soles from heat.

C. To protect the floors from soles.   

D. To protect the boots from rubber.

38. What should John Timbald do if he remains unsatisfied?

A. Return just the spray.   

B. Call the President.

C. Mail another letter.

D. Request a refund.

39. What is the purpose of the letter?

A. To advertise their spray.

B. To advertise their new shoes.

C. To complain the bad quality of the shoes.

D. To answer the complaint.

Passage Two

By the mid-nineteenth century, mass production of paper patterns, the appearance of the home

sewing machine, and the convenience of mail order catalogs brought fashionable clothing into the American borne. By the early twentieth century, home economists working in extension and outreach programs taught women how to use paper patterns to improve the fit and efficiency of new garments as well as how to update existing ones.

Teachers of home economics traditionally made home sewing a critical part of their curriculum,

emphasizing self-sufficiency and resourcefulness for young women.  However, with the increasing availability of mass-produced clothing in catalogs and department stores, more and more women preferred buying garments to making them.  As a result, home economists shifted their attention to consumer education. Through field study, analysis, and research, they became experts on the purchase and preservation of ready-to-wear clothing for the family, offering budgeting instruction targeted at adolescent girls.

 Modern home sewing made it possible for American women to transcend their economic differences and geographic locations with clothing that was increasingly standardized.  The democratization of fashion continued through the twentieth century as the ready-to-wear market expanded and home sewing became more of a pastime than a necessity.

40. According to the passage, the appearance of mail order catalogs altered the role of home economists because       

A. mass-produced clothing rendered their jobs completely useless

B. women ceased sewing so home economists had to teach other subjects

C. their focus shifted to instruction on budgeting and buying and preserving clothing

D. the emphasis on field study and research increased for students in home economics courses

41. This passage focuses on the       

A. changing role of home economists as a result of changes in the world

B. impact of ready-to-wear and mass-produced fashion on home sewing

C. modernization of home sewing

D. effects of home economists on home sewing

42. As used in paragraph 3 ,the best definition for democratization is       

A. transitioning to a more democratic political regime

B. becoming more affordable to the lower class

C. gradually becoming acceptable for an entire nation

D. becoming widely available to common people

43. Based on information in the passage ,it can be inferred that home sewing allowed American women to do all of the following except       

A. copy fashions they had seen elsewhere

B. create less expensive versions of current styles

C. create garments for pleasure rather than necessity

D. become experts on budgeting and consumerism

 Passage Three

 Many of the problems we face today are not so new as we think they are. And some of our modern solutions are not so new, either. The problem of energy shortages and the solution of using solar energy go back at least to early Greek cultures. The climate in the coastal areas of Greece 2,500 years ago was characterized by cool winters, much as it is today. At that time, the Greeks heated their homes with small, charcoal-burning heaters. In other words, wood (which is used to make charcoal) was their primary source of energy.  However, by the fifth century BC fuel shortages had become common because, in many parts of Greece, the firewood in the forests had been depleted. Once the supply of firewood from the local forests ran out, people began to use the wood from olive groves as fuel. But this solution had its own problem.  It reduced the olive crop, a valuable resource to the Greeks. By the fourth century BC, the city of Athens banned the use of olive wood for fuel. Wood had to be imported from farther and farther away, making it more difficult to obtain and more expensive to use. About this time the Greeks began to build their houses facing south, so that the low sun in winter could penetrate and help heat the interiors. Excavations of ancient Greek cities suggest that large areas were planned so that individual homes could take maximum advantage of passive solar energy.

44. The word "depleted" means       

A. damaged

B. stolen

C. used up

D. discovered

45. According to the passage,       

A. using wood from the olive groves in ancient Greece was a sensible solution to the fuel problem

B. using passive solar energy was more expensive than using wood in ancient Greece

C. the ancient Greeks planted new forests to replace the ones they cut down for firewood

D. the concept of using passive solar energy has been around since at least the fourth century BC

46. The author implies that before the fifth century BC,       

 A. the climate was much milder in the coastal areas of Greece

 B. the Greeks were very careful to replant their forests after they cut them

 C. the Greeks were not concerned about conserving their energy sources

 D. olives were not an important resource to the Greeks

47. Which sentence best expresses the central point of the passage?

A. Sentence 1.   

B. Sentence 2.

C. Sentence 3.

D. Sentence 4.

   Passage Four

 A few minutes ago, walking back from lunch, I started to cross the street when I heard the sound of a coin dropping. It wasn't much but, as I turned, my eyes caught the heads of several other people turning too. A woman had dropped what appeared to be a dime.

 The tinkling sound of a coin dropping on pavement is an attention-getter. It can be nothing more

than a penny.  Whatever the coin is, no one ignores the sound of it.  It got me thinking about

sounds again.

 We are besieged(包围) by so many sounds that attract the most attention. People in New York

City seldom turn to look when a fire engine, a police car or an ambulance comes screaming along the street.

 When I'm in New York, I'm a New Yorker. I don't turn either. Like the natives.

 At home in my little town in Connecticut, it's different.  The distant wail of a police ear, an

emergency vehicle or a fire siren brings me to my feet if I'm seated and brings me to the window if I'm in bed.

 It's the quietest sounds that have most effect on us, not the loudest. In the middle of the night, I

can hear a dripping tap a hundred yards away through three closed doors.  I've been hearing little creaking noises and sounds which my imagination turns into footsteps in the middle of the night for twenty-five years in our house. How come I never hear those sounds in the daytime?

48. The sound of a coin dropping makes people       

A. think of money

B. look at each other

C. pay attention to it  

D. stop crossing the street

49. People in New York       

A. don't care about emergencies

B. are used to alarm

C. are attracted by sounds  

D. don't hear loud noises

50. How does the author relate to sounds at night?

A. He imagines sounds that do not exist.  
B. He overstates quiet sounds.

C. He thinks taps should be turned off.   

D. He believes it's rather quiet at night.

51. How does the writer feel about sounds in general?

A. They make him feel at home.

B. He thinks they should be ignored.

C. He believes they are part of our lives.

D. He prefers silence to loud noises.

Passage Five

 How many things can you see in the night sky? A lot! On a clear night you might see the Moon,

some planets, and thousands of sparkling stars. You can see even more with a telescope.

 But scientists believe there are some things in the sky that we will never see. We won't see them with the biggest telescope in the world, on the clearest night of the year.  That's because they're invisible. They're the mysterious dead stars called black holes.

 As a star's gases burn, they give off light and heat.  But when the gas runs out, the star stops

burning and begins to die.

 As the star cools, the outer layers of the star pull in toward the center. The star squashes(挤压 )

into a smaller and smaller ball. If the star was very small, the star ends up as a cold, dark ball called a black dwarf. If the star was very big, it keeps squashing inward until it's packed together tighter than anything in the universe.

 Imagine if the Earth were crushed until it was the size of a tiny marble. That's how tightly this

dead star, a black hole, is packed. What pulls the star in toward its center with such power? It's the same force that pulls you down when you jump--the force called gravity. A black hole is so tightly packed that its gravity sucks in everything--even light. The light from a black hole can never come back to your eyes. That's why you see nothing but blackness.

 So remember: Scattered in the silent darkness are black holes--the great mystery of space.

52. According to the article, what causes a star to die?

A. As its gases run out, it cools down.

B. It collides with other stars.

C. It can only live for about a million years.

D. As it gets hotter and hotter, it explodes.

53. Which word has the same meaning with the word "mysterious"?

A. ordinary

B. bright

C. strange

D. common

54. What happens after a star dies?

A. It becomes invisible.

B. It falls to Earth.

C. It burns up all of its gases.

D. It becomes brighter and easier to see.

55. Why can't you see light when you look at a black hole?

A. Because most black holes are so far away.

B. Because the gravity of a black hole is so strong that it sucks the light inward.

C. Because as the star's gases burn, it stops giving off heat and light.

D. Because as a star cools, its outer layers pull in toward its center.

. Daily Conversation (15 points)

Directions: Pick out five appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the

following dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

A. I prefer

B. that's OK

C. I'd love to

D. What do you like

E. Would you like to go

F. That sounds fine

G. cannot work   

H. have to work late

Dave: I have tickets to The Phantom of the Opera on Friday night.56   ?

Susan: Thanks.57What time is the show?

Dave: It's at 8:00.

Susan: That sounds great. So, do you want to have dinner at 6:00?

Dave: Uh, I'd like to, but I   58

Susan: Oh,   59Let's just meet at the theater before the show, around 7:30.

Dave :   60

. Writing (25 points)

Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a letter of invitation in English in 100-120

words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.

61.你(Li Yuan)给你的朋友(Jane)写封信,邀请她参加你的生日聚会。







1D  2D  3B  4C  5A







Vocabulary and Structure


6A 7B 8C  9B  l0A  l lD  l2A  l3C  l4A  l5D  l6C  l7C

18A  l9A  20D


6Be keen on doing sth喜欢做某事,be willing to do sth愿意做某事,want to do sth想做某事,like to do sth喜欢做某事。选项A是正确的。【句子大意】我们待在家里,因为玛丽不喜欢下雨时外出。


8.遇到last year,该动作用一般过去时。选项C是正确的。【句子大意】我们去年签订了装订合同,它仍然有效。




12.表示强烈的禁止,用must not表示一定不要。选项A是正确的。【句子大意】不管做












18Suggest后的宾语从句应用虚拟语气,即从句中的谓语动词应为should doShould常常




20.句型It is necessary that+主语+should doShould常被省略。选项D是正确的。【句子大意】任何人如果想保持健康的话,每天的运动是必要的。



21B 22C 23A 24A  25C  26D  27A  28C  29D  30B  31A

32B  33B  34D  35D






25.前一句说电视的有些变化是好的,on the other hand表示一种与前面相反的转折。这里



27.电视机的完整说法是TV set。因为电视大众化了,作者的家也能买电视机了。选项A


28The Lone Ranger孤独的探险者,电视剧的名字。从save people可知一定是从坏人的手




31High definition高清晰度。能与电视的屏幕竞争的是电影。选项A是正确的。













Reading Comprehension



36A  37B  38D  39D











40C 41B  42D  43D


40.第一、二段。题干:altered the role of home economists改变了家政学家的角色。第一段说家政学家教妇女如何使用和修正衣服的纸样,第二段说家政学家教妇女如何预算、购买和保存衣服。选项C是正确的。扩大的成衣生产虽然改变了家政的课程,但并未使家政学家的工作毫无意义,故选项A不是正确的答案。文中并未说妇女完全停止了家庭缝纫,选项B不是正确答案。




42.第三段。因为批量生产的成衣使服装标准化,时装也因此而大众化了。The democratization of fashion可以理解为时装的平民化。选项D是正确的。选项A文中未提及。选项B不够全面。选项C不是文中的焦点,成衣的发展的确很广阔,但是否在全国范围,文中并未提及。










44C  45D  46C  47C


44.文章的中间部分。前面有短缺(shortage)”,后面有用光(run out)”,可见这里是”的意思。选项C是正确的。



462 500年前就是公元前5世纪,希腊人是不注意保护木材的,当时的希腊人所使用的燃







2 500年前的古希腊沿海的气候特点是冬季凉爽,跟现在一样。当时,古希腊人用小的烧木炭的暖气温暖房间。换句话说,木材(用来烧木炭的)是他们的主要能源。但到了公元前5世纪,燃料的短缺成了很普遍的问题,因为,古希腊的很多地方,森林中的木材已经用尽。原来来自当地森林的木材用光了,人们开始从橄榄树林取木材作燃料。这是有问题的,因为,它降低了橄榄作物的收成,而橄榄作物是古希腊的贵重资源。到公元前4世纪,雅典城禁止使用橄榄木作燃料。木材不得不从越来越远的地方进口,这就使得木材越来越难得,越来越贵。也就是大约这个时期,希腊人开始把房子建成面朝南,这样,冬天的太阳可以穿透进入房间提供热量。古希腊城的发掘说明当时已经计划大区域的房屋建设,这样每一个单独的房子都可以最大限度地利用太阳能。



48C  49B  50B  51C



















52A  53C  54A  55B

















Daily Conversation


56E  57C  58H  59B  60F




58I'd lovelike tobut是一种委婉的拒绝方式。先表示高兴,再用转折词提出拒绝。选项














Dear Jane,

 My parents are going to hold a birthday party for me at 13:00 on May 29 th ( Sunday ) at home.

Will you be free and come to my party? I'll be very happy if you are. Besides, Tom, May and some

other classmates are coming too.

 You may take bus No. 2 to Qing Street and walk straight about 20 meters. There you'll see a drug

store. At the corner of it, turn right and get into a very narrow path and look for Beiqing No.  10.

That's my home. We'll wait for you there.

 Please call me before the date, if you can not come.

 I can't wait for the get-together.

                                        Li Yuan




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